Welcome to Golden Horde Productions specializing on cinema film production, and the production of tv serials, advertisments and image movies.

What We Do

Golden Horde brings ideas to life through sound, image and motion. We create content for every medium! Whether you bring us an air tight brief or a scribble on a napkin, we’ll breathe life into your idea and take it to places you’d never imagine possible! Our philosophy: Telling story through dynamic motion, because action speaks louder than words.


Who We Are

Temujin and Tatjana Shirzada. They are the Mastermind behind the epic look of their action films, working together hand in hand as a team in both aspects. Temujin specialising in Action design including action directing ,action cinematography, fight choreography, Rigging and Stunt coordinating. Tatjana specialising in directing, postproduction, editing, VFX, camera operation and color grading. Together they are forming the Golden Horde´s unbreakable alliance.


Our Work

Here you can see our most recent works, click on the Project if you want to know more about it.

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